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Melbourne Celebrant’s Wedding Day Part 2

A Melbourne Celebrant’s Wedding Day Part 2

The Real Shin-dig!

Those Feels!!

We were late for our Melbourne wedding; because why not, we’d just come from our other one (read blog 2 if this makes no sense). Once the bus stopped, my boys and I jumped out and walked down to the front of the room; that’s when it hit me!


I remember the feeling of walking into an electric atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Everyone was beaming their pearly whites, all wanted to hug and kiss us…and I couldn’t help hope they wanted to give us lots of presents too (just being honest)!

My groomsmen and I assumed the position, in order, on a slight angle and flys up. The music began to play (have no idea what it was), and then came my soon to be daughter Mila as our flower girl, the bridesmaids and my gorgeous Bride. I wish I wasn’t so soppy about this moment, because I’m not a soppy guy, but I’d be lying if I tried to down play my personal experience. I could see people were looking and her, then at me to read my face, then back and her… and then back at me. It was an incredibly beautiful and overwhelming feeling to watch Grace walk down the aisle with her parents either side.

Celebrants Wedding Melbourne

Who does a celebrant’s wedding?

I also had the perfect celebrant for us, Darren my previous youth pastor and friend. He’s the main reason I love to be upfront with a microphone and if it wasn’t for his trust and giving me opportunities to speak publicly (we’re talking 13 year old voice popping age too) I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do today.

As expected he was faultless at the job; spoke to the room with confidence, kept us calm, had us in stitches and set the tone of our wedding, from ‘pretend’ ceremony at Fitzroy Gardens to the real one.

The words Darren shared aren’t exactly what I remember; however the emotion, the vibe, the energy is what I can still feel when I think back to it! He carried the atmosphere we walked into and only added to it; that’s what made it great!
During the ceremony Grace and I shared the same vows, gifted each other rings (custom designed by Chris Hannan at Hannan Jewellery Design) and finished it with a big ol kiss! Hello world, meet Mr and Mrs Hordern!!

First Dance Melbourne

The Reception

After the ceremony we went to our reception at The Pavilion in the Fitzroy Gardens where we were showered with cheers, hugs, canapes, drinks and gifts (Yea Baby!).

Our first dance was a perfect cliché to ‘Thousand Years’ followed by our speeches where people still comment on Nick’s (Best Man) speech (mostly for good reasons haha).

We chose not to have a sit down wedding – both a financial and atmosphere decision, there were some chairs for some to sit, but we wanted guests to mingle and dance.

What My Wedding Taught Me

All in all, the lessons I walked away from our wedding were;
  • Make sure you get to eat some of your own wedding cake (still shattered about that one)
  • Don’t be afraid to do things differently or something cliché, if you like it and want/don’t want it for yours, choose it or don’t. Yes you may have to make some choices to keep other significant parties happy, but it’s yours to choose.
  • Enjoy each moment - the day goes quick!
  • Remember to "stop" throughout the day and take it all in. After all, this is your special day.
A celebrants melbourne wedding

Thankyou to everyone who made our wedding day possible and the parts you played; both big and small, upfront or unseen – you made it great for us.

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Planning your wedding and need a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant – Look no further, you’ve found me! I’ll guide you through the whole process; vows, paperwork, story writing and stand by you on the day to deliver the ceremony you desire. Let’s talk!

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Melbourne Celebrant’s Wedding Day Part 1

A Melbourne Celebrant’s Wedding Day

Perfect Wedding Weather

We had the perfect wedding day…wait…in mid-March you’d expect to have the perfect wedding day weather…here’s what really happened:
Melbourne Celebrant Wedding
Our plan was to be married at The Fitzroy Gardens, with the Observatory as our backdrop in the afternoon sun surrounded by friends and family. The morning began with our bridal party getting ready together in Kew, my mum was cooking a hot breakfast for everyone, champagne glasses filled to the top and lots of laughter! My role was simple; wear clean underwear, get suited up, finalise *cough*… start speech and smile and keep the groomsmen under control and keep my bride smiling (where was that champagne again?). When it comes to your bridal party – feed them, water them and thank them; it’s a huge day for everyone and the simple things will keep everyone in high spirits (especially spirits). Massive thanks to my boys Nick, Noel, Tyson and Ezra, and Grace’s ladies Sarah, Liza, Holly and Millie for being amazing on our big day. Another hot tip when it comes to feeding everyone – find someone like my mum where their Greek genes (or love for food) will instinctively cause them to overcook for the breakfast/lunch – this is a great thing!! As is keeping guests happy.

Remember To Smile For Those Wedding Photos

One thing I used to despise about weddings when I would attend was the empty gap of 4 hours in the day from ceremony to reception so the couple could take photos. I get it, I completely do; it’s a great time to hit all those incredible Melbourne scenes for the perfect wedding photos. But as a guest, it felt like a drainer. So to avoid that we got all our photos taken before the ceremony during the day; literally stuffed our bridal party into a 12 seater (Thanks for driving Pato!) and herded them around Melbourne city and the botanical gardens. It was definitely fresh and colder than expected, but it wasn’t too bad – not like we’d have to change venue’s more than once.

Prepare for bad weather…it’s a Melbourne Wedding

2 hours from our ceremony and our family kept calling to figure out if we were going to brave the weather or change location. The problem was…we didn’t have a Plan B (always…always have a Plan B!). At this time of life I was working at a church in Richmond and it was completely convenient and available..but as I basically lived there, it was the last place I wanted to get married. However as I looked as my wife standing outside prickled with goosebumps I made the call to have it indoors.

I honestly can’t thank those enough who were involved in its transformation; they flipped a massive foyer into a lavishly intimate and stunning venue, those being Luke (bro in law), Ashley (was her and Matts celebrant later on) and Dave (he’s just Dave, he bakes the best treats and I love him). However before we even got there, something happened.

celebrant pete melbourne

Surprise Wedding

As we left the city cruising towards Richmond the rain ceased for a pivotal moment as we were driving past The Observatory. Thankfully Pato (who married Millie, who was a bridesmaid for Grace, who got me to marry them in TAS…I digress) pulled over so we could have the ceremony we (Grace) had always wanted.

Out jumped our bridal party to assume the position, our celebrant and my youth pastor Darren McMahon ready at the drop of a hat to have an exciting and surreal experience, even if it wasn’t legal because we didn’t sign anything. We popped back in the van and headed towards Richmond where the real deal took place!

To read ‘The Real Shin-dig!’ (because we actually signed) it’s coming next blog!

A celebrants melbourne wedding

If you want to know about ‘Our Day’, the post is coming soon, subscribe here not to miss it!

Planning your wedding and need a Melbourne Wedding Celebrant – Look no further, you’ve found me! I’ll guide you through the whole process; vows, paperwork, story writing and stand by you on the day to deliver the ceremony you desire. Let’s talk!

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