5 Common Questions About Wedding Ceremony Music

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Let’s talk about wedding ceremony music. How many songs will I need for my wedding? Is Spotify or a live band better for the ceremony? Who’s controls the wedding music? How long should each song be? Do I need a licence to play wedding ceremony music?

Melbourne Celebrant’s Wedding Day Part 2

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We were late for our Melbourne wedding; because why not, we’d just come from our other one (read blog 2 if this makes no sense). Once the bus stopped, my boys and I jumped out and walked down to the front of the room; that’s when it hit me!

Melbourne Celebrant’s Wedding Day Part 1

What will the start of your wedding day look like? I’ll share with you how Grace and I prepared on our big day and what we did when the weather was perfectly Melbourne.

Melbourne Celebrant Falls In Love

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You’ve heard about couples experiencing the ‘spark’ or ‘zing’ and then everything was perfect while they fell in love. I bet they didn’t meet their future in-laws as I did though!