Let’s start at the end, you’re walking down the aisle as a married couple.

Are you:

A) Thinking about how incredible that experience was, surprised at how relaxed you felt knowing everyone you love was there laughing and engaged with your ceremony. I knew we should have hired him as our MC – he’s even better than his 5 star reviews say he is!


B) Thinking about how glad you are it’s over because now you can try and forget how awkward that whole experience was. Like they didn’t even get my name right. Who is Jenny?? My name is not Jenny!! My name doesn’t even rhyme with Jenny. What if this is the only thing I remember about my wedding day for the rest of my life?

…you get the picture, even if I laid the whole “I’m awesome” and Jenny thing on a bit much. It’s my mums name and she’s awesome btw.

bride and groom aisle walk
bride smiling in wedding ceremony
Getting Married is a pretty big deal, you’re committing yourself to someone through thick and thin for the rest for your life. That really is an incredible decision to celebrate, the fact that you’ve found someone who annoys you the least out of everyone else on earth. Amazing!

The ceremony is the focal point of the whole day from that perspective. Now yes, I admit the reception will be unbelievable with the desert options you’ve picked, the tab on the bar the in-laws paid for and the MC you’re looking to organise (too much?). However, the reception should be a continuation of the celebration that begins at the ceremony, rather than the reception being the thing that convinces everyone they’re still glad they came.

Your wedding day should start with an atmosphere of relaxed yet formal, planned yet suave, hilarious yet sentimental. Admittedly, that experience hinges on the marriage celebrant you choose. This individual is being given the power to create the atmosphere for your wedding day. This is where I begin to recommend myself…again on this page.

Personally I hate awkward experiences and have developed a personality to counter or transform them into a humorous, natural and enjoyable times.
I’ve helped hundreds of couples have a wedding ceremony that focus’ on them, it’s literally my job to create a ceremony to look and feel like whatever you want it to. Your wedding day is not about me being remembered, it’s about your experience never wanting to be forgotten.

Also, I will make this easy and stress free – if there’s one thing you’ll be able to say at the end of your wedding day, along with how happy you are your inlaws paid for the tab, it’s that I was the easiest part of your planning and day.

So how do we do this? It’s simple, click on the button below and then we’ll start the process.

happy wedding couple sign marriage certificate

the process

We Meet

Confirm I’m who you expect after watching weddings I’ve done on YouTube, reading couples reviews and listening to my ‘The Wedding Guide Podcast’ before you make any decisions.

The Story Begins

Whether it’s at a bar or over Zoom we start the legal documents that I handle and organise the entire way through. Once I learn all there is to know about your story I begin all the behind the scenes writing for your unique ceremony. After you review what I plan to say, I’ll memorise it and be ready for the day.

Your Big Day

Get ready Muriel, the ceremony will be better than what you hoped for; natural, entertaining and engaging. I’ll look and sound like your good mate that none of your real friends have ever met.

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