5 Common questions we get asked about wedding ceremony music.

Melbourne Celebrant Common Questions

Let’s talk wedding ceremony music. How many songs will I need for my wedding? Is Spotify or a live band better for the ceremony? Who’s controls the wedding music? How long should each song be? Do I need a licence to play wedding ceremony music?

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Angus James (@angusleggmusic) – I’ve done many weddings with this great man and he is an incredible musician. Chilled out, brings a great vibe as well as his voice and guitar.

Question 1: How many songs will I need for my wedding ceremony?

Let’s start with ‘The Basic’ vs ‘The Whole Shebang’!

‘The Basic’ involves three songs to create a great atmosphere for your wedding ceremony… plus an amazing Melbourne celebrant I know 😉.

The Basic:
Song #1 (Processional):
When your bridal party and yourself/selves walk in

Song #2 (Signing):
When you sign the legal wedding documents with 2 witnesses

Song #3 (Recessional):
When you walk back down the aisle as a married couple with everyone throwing money at you… hopefully.

‘The Whole Shebang’ is like adding a few entrees and matching wines to the menu for a much better overall experience.

The Whole Shebang:

5-10 x Atmosphere songs:
Include 5-10 songs for playing softly in the background to ease everyone into the moment.

1 x Processional:

2 x Signing:
Add a second song for your signing in case your first song isn’t long enough.

1 x Recessional
You can also pop the 5-10 atmosphere playlist back on at this point

Using Spotify at Wedding Ceremony

Question 2: Should I use Spotify or a Live band for my wedding?

Whether I’m a Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant or Melbourne Wedding Celebrant for the afternoon, I personally prefer a live band/duo. I choose them because the timing is always seamless and avoids those awkward silences from when someone hits play a little late. Another benefit is that musicians can quickly wrap up a song or naturally prolong a songs end without bringing attention to it.

Generally speaking, if you don’t notice something, it’s because it was done well – like when you’re listening to radio, all is perfect until there’s 2 seconds … of dead air.

But I get it, this decision is dependent on many factors: like if your music people or your budget or if you just neeeeeed Ed Sheeran himself to serenade you through the speaker! Some of the issues I’ve also mentioned won’t happen if you choose the right person to control the music.

Wedding Songs Melbourne

Brentwood Duo (@brentwoodduo) – They’ve opened many weddings that I’ve done and they have killer voices. Check out how they started on X Factor and featured on Deadpool Unloaded.

Question 3: Who should control my wedding music?

As your celebrant I’m there to create an easy going, flowing and engaging experience for everyone; I want my attention on your guests, the timing of my delivery and my hands are also full with a microphone and iPad. So, I recommend picking a trusted friend or family member to be your music person if you choose not to use a live band.

Qualities of your music person:
Gives a 💩
They know the basics of Spotify or iTunes
They have a sense of timing and can fade music

Ultimately it comes down to them paying attention during the ceremony, as they’re focussed for their next cue. Copy and paste my tips for that person.

Tips on nailing our ceremony music:
Thank you so much for helping us play our wedding songs, here’s what our celebrant gave us to send you.

Wedding Music in Melbourne

The White Tree (@thewhitetree) – I have a lil (lot of) crush on The White Tree, it started back in 2013 and continues strong to this day. While their focus is receptions (video and photography too), they also do ceremonies.

Question 4: How long should my wedding song be?

There’s no right or wrong for this, I’ve had music play for over a minute before anyone walked down the aisle because they loved the song. It’s better if it’s longer so the chosen person can fade it down rather than have to play it through again.

Wedding Ceremony Music

Question 5: Do I need to pay for a license to play music at my wedding?

Thankfully no! After being in contact with OnMusic (the organisation businesses need to purchase licenses in order to play music legally), they said:

The public performance of musical works (APRA) and/or sound recordings (PPCA) during a wedding ceremony is deemed by OneMusic to be ‘domestic’ in nature. Therefore, the following uses of music within the wedding ceremony DO NOT require a OneMusic licence:

So when you’re ready to walk down the aisle, all we need to do is hit play. ​🙌

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