How To Write Wedding Vows – Episode 52

How to write vows

Writing Wedding Vows for the person you love can be scary, fun, exciting and you may not even know where to start. So today, all the way from Toronto is Tade, who’s here to talk about How to Write Your Vows. Tade has a very simple yet incredibly effective way to develop your personalised vows and other little tips for the day.

What Does A Celebrant Do At A Wedding?

what does a celebrant do at a wedding

Have you wondered What does a Celebrant do at a Wedding? It’s time to talk about all the legalities leading up to the day, during the ceremony and how they make your day incredible!

6 Questions About Celebrants

smiling bride and groom

Common questions about celebrants answered to help you understand more about the person creating incredible wedding ceremonies: What a Celebrant Is, Does, Earns and How to become one.

COVID Weddings + Victoria Park QLD – Episode 18

COVID Weddings and Victoria park QLD

Meet Jessie Newell, the event coordinator at Victoria Parks in Queensland. Jessie shares with us how she and her team have been helping couples celebrate their wedding amongst COVID guidelines in QLD and then we discuss why couples choose VIC Parks as a wedding venue.

COVID Receptions + Unholy Matrimony – Episode 17 – TWGP

covid wedding receptions ideas

Meet Annie Moz, a Marriage Celebrant, celebrant mentor, MC, DJ, Singer and creator of Unholy Matrimony. Annie shares with us all about how Unholy Matrimony helps couples break through the stereotypical wedding styles of today. Then we discuss how she’s been helping couples during the COVID guidelines in QLD.

COVID-Safe Weddings – The Wedding Guide Podcast – Episode 16

covid weddings

Meet Darcy Burch, a wedding planner at Easy Weddings who joins us on the podcast. Darcy has had a huge amount of experience in the wedding industry as an event planner at some of Melbourne’s most popular venues and now helping couples put together their dream team of suppliers all across Australia. In the episode, we discuss the new Easy Weddings COVID Tracker found on their website that is helping couples all across Australia understand the ever-changing rules and guidelines and how her role helps couples plan their weddings.

Weddings Bands – Episode 15 – The Wedding Guide Podcast

Wedding bands

meet Hayley Barberis, the Victorian producer for The Baker Boys Band, who are available all across Australia. The Baker Boys are a customisable 3 to 14 piece band specialising in high-energy music for weddings and pride themselves on filling dance floors.
We discuss the process of choosing the band and what live music truly brings to your wedding day.

Prenups and Love – Episode 14 – The Wedding Guide Podcast

Prenuptial agreement

Meet Jane Libbis, a lawyer who specialises in Family Law at Umbrella Family Law. She helps people who are separating start their new life. We discuss legal options for couples including prenuptial agreements and how to set yourselves up for a successful marriage.

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